Sunday, August 14, 2016

Evangelism Church Plant / House Repair Rebuild

Evangelism & Church Planting

By Dawn Brown

Elizabeth Mativo visited the US in 2009-2010. Her godly, kind, loving, church planter, missionary partner, pastor, beloved husband had died in 2008. It was during that visit when she told my husband, Jeff, and I about how the Lord was turning her mourning into a ministry. 

As she struggled to find peace and comfort from the Lord, she was inviting other widowed women to pray and search the scriptures with her. Many of them were raising orphaned children. We knew the Lord wanted us to be a part of what He was doing in her area of Mbooni, Kenya.

During her stay, she attended our church with us. She partnered in all the ministries we were involved in at our church and in our community. She learned a lot from all of us here, and we learned many lessons from her.

When she returned to Kenya, she decided to start a Sunday School for the children, like what she’d experienced here. Her local African Inland Church agreed and joined with Child Arise by renting a small building to hold the class. They provided the building and Child Arise provided a light breakfast. The building was quickly jammed full of kids, learning about the Lord!

The only problem was the building was quite far away from the church, especially for us American’s when we visited. Some of us were very tired after going up and down all those mountain trails. When Sunday School was over, it meant more trails in the opposite direction to get to the church for worship service!

Elizabeth, a trained and experienced church planter missionary and woman’s pastor with African Inland Church (AIC), was approached by AIC leadership about a church plant in the area of the Child Arise Sunday School Class. It had generated so much attention in that area, because of all the children who were trusting in the Lord and being baptized.

Elizabeth and the new pastor have been visiting the homes of these Sunday School kids and inviting families and neighbors to the new church plant. The new church is beginning to grow! If it had not been for the Child Arise Sunday School’s “inconvenient” location, who knows how long it would take for this area to be reached for the Lord! It’s so amazing to see how God works!

Child Arises, because of the efforts of children here in the United States, was able to provide a brand new Bible to every man, women and youth in this new budding church! 

I hope you are as encouraged and excited as I am, to be a part of such an important ministry in the lives of so many! We may not know them here, but we will worship together in Heaven!

House Repair/Rebuild

by Dawn Brown

“I call my house, “Miracle House!” When I came home from America, I found my house with no way to live in it, because it wasn’t safe. When it was collapsing I had no idea how to do anything to fix it. I thank God for all who have donated and I thank each of you too. God has provided for my house to be completed soon and all the children have been able to stay in school and we have kept up with the Bible lessons and the meals. It’s a miracle! Miracle House!” Elizabeth Mativo.

On Sat, Aug 6th, Elizabeth’s family and pastor friends joined together for a meal and a time of prayer and thanksgiving when they dedicated the house to the Lord.

Her house is so beautiful! It is in the same "footprint" of the house that was destroyed; same rooms, etc. Maybe as much as 75% of the house had to be rebuilt because of the structural damage to the roof, walls and floor, along with deep water flowing through her house for so long. It's basically the same house, but because so much of it is new construction, it is so much more beautiful! She is so thankful and feeling so blessed. 

Elizabeth has been living in the temporary shelter set up for her by the builder. She had a roof over her head, but the wind, cold and mosquitoes couldn’t be kept out. It's winter over there so she's pretty cold. Winter nights can get down into the 40s.

Another praise in the midst of all the trials, with the giving hearts of our donors, we have been able to keep every child in school and the Bible lessons with the feeding program have continued too! It has been SO AMAZING! Once again, God has shown me that this is HIS ministry, not Dawn's and that HE will provide.

He is Jehovah Jireh The Lord Provides! El Roi God Who Sees! Jehovah Shammah The Lord is There! El Shaddai Almighty God Our All-Sufficient Supply!

“God is good and when we look back I can only testify of His faithfulness. The reconstruction of my damaged house could not have happened by our own strength but only by God. Life is full of challenges, but it is only then that we get to experience Gods love for us.”~Elizabeth Mativo 


The children have missed some school this year, due to teacher’s strikes and schools not open.  They are on trimester break now.  Pray that school will start in September, as scheduled.

Pray for my daughter, my mom & some of the widows who are struggling with their health.

Pray for new believers to be strong in their faith & more to follow the Lord.


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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Progress! You’re helping! & Update on House Reconstruction

Progress!  You’re helping! 
By Dawn Brown

I was recently looking at some of the pictures I have from Kenya.  I spend so much time looking at them.  I organize them for future use.  Who are they?  What was happening in the picture, etc?  Then when the need arises, I can find them.  For example, what pictures should I use when I go to visit that church?  What pictures for this newsletter?  What would be good for a Facebook post or for the blog?

I’m often looking at so many pictures.  This specific day, God really touched me once again, with the actually person in each picture.  I realized, in some ways, I had lost touch with their hearts.

I want to tell you about them.  I pray that you let them touch your heart too.  I want you to see them as real people.  People just like you and me, who live their lives one day at a time.  Some days we have joys and some days we have sorrows.  Some days, we just hang on and ask God to help us through. 

These are the kids you pray for.  They’ve watched their parents die.  These are the women you pray for.  They’ve lost their husbands in a culture that devalues widows.  They’re struggling to care for children they didn’t give birth to.  They’ve been through so much hardship.  They are real!  They feel heartache and pain, just like you do.

I wrote the name tags on each one of these little girls.  I tried to figure out who lived with whom.  My sister, Bonnie Herrick, took their pictures so that when we went back home, I would know who they were.  We spent the morning playing with them and got to teach them about the Lord. 

When we went to Kenya, we took some toys for the ministry.  When we left home, we had no idea we would never see a toy the entire time we were gone, except the toys we brought with us.  We visited homes and schools and we walked miles and miles and never saw a toy.  The only ones’ we saw, were those we brought.

Before leaving, we asked our friends and family to give us money so that if we a found need, we could do our best to meet it.  Some of those donating said they wanted us to give Bibles.  Great idea, we thought!  We’ll make arrangements to get Bibles in Nairobi and take them with us to Mbooni. 

We didn’t know it, but these kids, like most kids in Mbooni, don’t have a single book in their house.  Once we were there, we found out that even the schools didn’t have hardly any books, and the ones they had, were in terrible condition!  To think a book was such an extravagance and we didn’t just give a book, we gave a brand new Bible!  God’s life changing, lifesaving Word!  

Bonnie handed this little guy his very own Bible and he hugged it.  He just kept hugging it.  Sitting all over the grass, you could see kids carefully holding their Bibles or caressing them or inquisitively looking through the pages.  They were in awe!

We had no idea what luxuries we brought when we packed the toys and purchased the Bibles in Kenya.

Several times, kids would show up at Elizabeth’s house in the middle of the day.  Each had been sent home from school and was told they couldn’t come back because the widowed woman who was caring for them didn’t have enough money to pay the school fees.  They hoped that Elizabeth could help.  Because of you, she can help some of them.

We saw their homes.  When we visited, the little food they had was sitting out in plain sight because there were no cupboards, counters or refrigerators and there wasn’t much at all to eat.  These widowed women were doing the best they could, but they were choosing between school fees and feeding the orphaned kids in their care.

The kids curiously touched our white skin and smooth hair.  We got them to smile.  We played with them.   They laughed and giggled and they wanted to see the pictures of themselves we were taking.  Most had never seen a camera or their own picture.

When we were there, the Child Arise borehole wasn’t completed yet, so we went to the filthy little creek where all the kids would go before and after school to carry disease infested water back to their houses.

Progress indeed!  Because of you, so many women and children over the years have their own Bibles.  They are drinking as much clean water as they can carry!  They are going to school consistently.  Most exciting of all, they are learning that Jesus loves them and others, like you, love them too!  Many of them are coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing spiritually!

I urge you to continue in your support of this valuable ministry.  Consider telling your friends and family.  There are so many orphaned children and so many widowed women.  We really need you.  You truly are making a difference in lives!  They thank God for you and remember you in their prayers!  We can’t thank you enough!

Update on Elizabeth Mativo’s House Reconstruction

As you are probably aware, our missionary, Elizabeth Mativo’s house was severely damaged last fall due to record breaking rainfall over a lengthy period of time, coupled with what we now know to have been faulty original construction. 


Most of her house had to be torn down and rebuilt.  We informed you of the need and you’re response was amazing!  God’s people are astonishingly generous!

Elizabeth has been so thankful!  She goes on and on telling me what to say to all of you, but I just can’t write fast enough to get all that she says.  Please believe me when I say, SHE THANKS YOU!

A lot of progress has been made, but we still have much more to do and we are out of funds.  If you know of anyone who may want to help, please tell them of her situation and how she has served the Lord for so many years.  She still needs things like ceilings, floors, cement, paint indoors/out, rainwater tank reset, piping, septic, door locks and labor.
Most recent construction update

Mixing concrete which can only be purchased by the bag.
She’s still living in a temporary structure and is looking forward to getting back into her house.  If the work doesn’t have to stop, she believes she may be able to move back in by July.

Again, thank you for your generosity!


I am trying to reach a grandma/widow.  I have tried pulling her out and getting her to come to church without success.   She needs Jesus. She sniffs raw tobacco and is not a good influence to the children. Slowly I know, God will have His way.

*  Praise the Lord! I am overwhelmed by all the love the entire American brothers and sisters have shown me. I have been touched by your generosity, love and concern for me. There is a saying; a friend in need is a friend indeed. From the radio station, to churches and personal friends I want to thank you for the great act of love you have done for me. I pray God to bless you all. May you never lack.


*  Children are back in school for 2nd trimester.  Pray they will be able to study and learn well.

* Pray for wisdom and God to provide a new farm hand, and that the former man will repent and turn to back to the Lord after stealing many things. 

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Child Arise Kenya is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt ministry