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From Elizabeth to You/There’s No Room in the Hut

From Elizabeth to You

by Elizabeth Mativo

Dear Supporters,
Greetings to you from Kenya and praise the Lord!  As we begin the year, I want to thank you for the support you have given us so far, and we continue to ask you to hold our hands through prayer and support.

I am currently in Nairobi to take Mbula back to school.  You remember that she was diagnosed with visual impairment, almost completely blind, and the doctor recommended that she be placed in a school for the blind so that she can continue with her education.  Mbula is doing well and so are the other children.

Mbula loves going to school.  I had a chat with her teacher and he mention that she does very well in technical things like sewing and she loves singing!  This child brings me so much delight, because of the way she is always joyful.  I thank God that Mbula has the opportunity to go to school without strain and pressure of physical disadvantage over the other children at Mbooni.
Mueni when we met her in 2012

Elizabeth taking Mueni for eye exam in Nairobi

Elizabeth taking Mueni for eye exam in Nairobi

Elizabeth taking Mueni for eye exam in Nairobi

Elizabeth taking Mueni for eye exam in Nairobi

Elizabeth taking Mueni for eye exam in Nairobi

No medical treatment for Mueni's eyes.  Eye doctors recommended this school in Nairbi.

Mueni arriving at her school for the blind the very first time.

Mueni arriving at her school for the blind the very first time.  
Mueni loves her school, her friends and is thriving socially.

Mueni at our Bible lessons and feeding program when on school break.

We have two more children who have just started college.  Praise God for their good studies and that they have passed exams.  Nthenya didn’t qualify for nursing, but is considering teaching or airline hostess.  Katei would like to study to become a pilot, a mechanic, or an engineer. 
Dennis & Elizabeth

Nthenya in apx 2010 at her home.

Nthenya at her school in 2012.

Nthenya at Elizabeth's during school breaks.

Elizabeth taking Nthenya to her boarding school.

I thank God for my health and strength because without Him I am nothing.  His Grace has been sufficient and up to this far I can say Ebenezer. 

Also pray for our country we are approaching the election period this August.  Please pray for peace and that God will choose a good leader that will take the country forward. We have a lot of corruption in our country that is getting in our way to development.

The electricity situation is still the same, please keep praying about this.

We have our difficulties as we know you do too.  We ladies and children pray that God will fulfill all the needs of our financial supporters that they shall not want. 

I encourage you all with "Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.  For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.  He will cover you with his feathers.  He will shelter you with his wings.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection.”  Psalm 91:1-4

Love in Christ,

Elizabeth Mativo

There’s No Room in the Hut

The Kalondu Family

by Joseph Onesimus

Kalondu is one of the many widows who have been greatly blessed by Child Arise. She is a mother and grandmother whose life reminds me of my humble beginnings in Kenya. 
I had a chance to visit Kalondu in her home during my last visit to Mbooni. It was depressing yet humbling to witness such poverty.
Kalondu, her daughters, Katunge and Mutheu, and four grandchildren live in a 10x10 ft. home, made of mud and woven grass. It is located in the rolling mountains of Mbooni. They have one bed, one mattress and blankets they all share, provided by Child Arise. A three stone fire is used to keep them warm at night and cook meals, many of which they receive through Child Arise.
Kalondu at the door of her one room house.

Inside widowed women, Kalondu's one room house where 3 women and 4 children live.

The new bed, provided by Child Arise donors, for Kalondu.

Delivering the new bed, provided by Child Arise donors, to Kalondu's one room house.

Kalondu and most of her family receiving food from Child Arise, Elizabeth Mativo.

Kalondu and most of her family.  One of her granddaughters is not in the picture.

My visit to the Kalondu's left me with tears rolling down my face. I wondered and asked myself, "Lord, why?"  

Katunge and Mutheu were both previously married. After abuse from their husbands, who are unemployed and often drunk, they returned to their mother's home to keep their four children safe. 

Katunge has been diagnosed with depression and severe mental instability. She has become abusive to her mother and family. Yet Kalondu continues to love and care for Katunge. She follows her every morning to the Mativo’s for breakfast, food and money for medication. Then they go to the local market center where they walk purposelessly until the end of day. 
According to Elizabeth, the doctors have prescribed medication for Katunge but often she does not buy the prescription. When asked by Elizabeth why she does not buy, she responded, “better is food than medication.” 

Please pray for the healing of Katunge, for the children to continue growing in grace and for an additional room for their home. Mutheu has two growing boys and they need a separate sleeping space from the girls.  Also, for the continued blessings and expansion of Elizabeth's ministry to the orphans and widows of Mbooni, Kenya.



Pray that we will be able to begin to clear the land for the Child Arise Feeding Center and start the road to where the building will be.  Pray that the Lord will provide the needed funds for our building.

Pray for rain.  It has been too hot and we have no rain for months.  The rain stopped right after we planted.  Now all of our crops are dead.  There is no food in our gardens.  This is here in Mbooni and all across Kenya.  Our president tells us we need relief food from America.  I remember the all corn at Jason & Coby’s farm I visited there.

Thank God for all who donated for the extra gifts at Christmas of farming supplies, food and school supplies.

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