Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dennis Has Graduated & A Single Gal from Wisconsin

Dennis Has Graduated!

By Stacy Ashby


Today I wish to share a praise with you. Child Arise began supporting Dennis Wambua when he was 10 years old. His mother had committed suicide and also killed two of his siblings. Through the continued faithfulness of God and the support of the donors from Child Arise, Dennis' school fees have been paid from primary school, to high school, and now he is graduating from Moi University.

What a difference you have made in the life of an orphan! To lose your mother in such a sad way, and to be left on your own at the age of 10 to figure things out would be devastating. Yet, a door to opportunity opened when Child Arise came alongside Dennis to see him through. Your financial support and prayers of intervention have honored God.

Dennis will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. It will be exciting to see Dennis continue to grow and flourish. This is a defining moment for Child Arise. Let us give God the honor and praise for His never ending mercies and His love for us.

We have many other opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our widows and orphans. Nzioka Musembi finished high school in 2017. He has been sponsored by Child Arise since 2013. He will be joining university next year. Let's join together to continue his education!

Dennis and Elizabeth

Nzioka Musembi

A Single Gal from Wisconsin

by Connie Busick

Greetings from the state of Wisconsin!

How did a single gal from Wisconsin, end up in Kenya? One word: GOD!

It doesn’t matter my story, or how I met the Mativos.  What matters is this: God is on the move in Mbooni Kenya! Elizabeth invited me to spend a few days in Mbooni with her and her two daughters, Serah and Irene.

What I thought was going to be just be a time to meet a few widows and orphans that I had been helping support for the last couple of years, turned out to be much more. God had other plans.

We attended the new church not far from Elizabeth’s home.  As I sat there that Sunday morning, I was thinking about my own church, and how my church would be singing and praying and teaching from God's word.  Then it hit me, God is in this place too!  These beautiful people are my brothers and sisters in Christ, and we worship the very same God!  It was awe inspiring to say the least. I was moved by the friendship and kindness that I was greeted with by people who are complete strangers, yet I felt a kinship. 

We then left the little church and went to the “big “church.  That is where many of the widows attend that are supported by Child Arise. I had the PRIVILEGE to meet them and hear them sing and pray and just be in the presence of our Lord!

These women have a tough life, nothing is easy for them.  Money is little, food is hard to come by at times, and they struggle to provide for children that may or may not be their own.  These women are STRONG women of God!  In the midst of great hardship, they still praise their God. They pray, expect and KNOW God will answer. If God doesn’t answer they way they want, they hurt, but it seems to not shake their faith.  When they say, AMEN, they mean AMEN!  They give it to God and they don’t take it back. 

I wondered why God sent me.   Who am I?  Compared to these women, I am nothing!
Brothers and sisters, when I was in Mbooni, I was among literally great women of God that would put many of us to shame in how they walk in their faith.

 In the months to come, I have requested Irene to take some pictures and write down some of the testimonies of these women.  I was moved by their stories, just as I am sure you will be.  So, look forward to more reports from Kenya, there will be exciting stories of how God is moving in Mbooni Kenya! AMEN AND AMEN!

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for Child Arise during this transition period, for both the USA board and the Kenyan board, and for the ministry to grow.

Pray for the Child Arise Board on both the US side and the Kenyan side to have wisdom and to make all decisions based on God's guidance.

Pray for good health for Elizabeth so she can continue to be a strong witness for God.

Pray that the funds for the completion of the Feeding Center are made available.

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